A world without a mother is like being without water in a desert or starving while a buffet is in front of you without being able to touch any of it.

Its a world with something missing, a life that always feel incomplete without a mothers comforting touch, loving hugs or warm loving smiles.

Being without a mother is hard i should know.

But it doesn’t mean you cant move forward it just mean its harder to move on, to live

What helps me most is thinking about all the things my mother did for me before she died that i can do for my children one day it just means ill end up loving my children even more.

To those without mothers remember its ” always the storm before the calm” god wont take someone as special away from you if he doesn’t have something amazing planned for you

Not perfect

So i want on about how my people need to stand up, to rise and to be heard. but that doesn’t mean that they are perfect

In a colourd community being with someone that isn’t the same race as you is always questionable you get strange looks, get talked about, hell you are the most talked about person for a while

I know this because im dating someone that’s not the same race as me its difficult on so many levels i get looked at differently and i always get those looks that’s questionable but it doesn’t really bother me because like everything else stories dies down. But to my people im selling out, hell i feel sometimes the same way too, even tho i love my boyfriend.

but times change we cant hold on to what makes us feel comfortable or safe if we do we won’t really live or even be happier.

If we all would have stayed with our own kind,us coloureds wouldn’t have even existed

How do u feel.

My day was going great as any normal day would go,when my cousin’s wife arrived at my house with her 3 kids. Shanjay who is 8, Alicia who is 3 and amy who is 1 i Iove those kids dearly as the hours passed and the kids was playing with a few toys on the floor and abby thats my cousin’s wifes name was sitting beside me i couldn’t help thinking

That i was runting about my experience as a colourd but didnt ask any of my close family or friends what they felt like being a colourd person in S.A. So i turned to abby and i asked her how she felt being a colourd person in S.A and this is what she had to say

I feel as though im not apart of this country that im a foreigner in a land that im to scared to be apart of. Everything i watch the television is either a black person on or a white person rarely do u see a colourd person on screen, there’s so little opportunities for our kind that i feel as though what is the point of being in this country trying to raise a family when its so hard to get a job to feed them.

Fighting to be heard

My people was always that dirty little secret of S.A always hidden pushed to the back, put in little crowded areas, never really being heard or when we asked for something others always took so long to deliver sometimes they dont even deliver, we just weren’t that important.

We were called all sorts of names, we were called a danger for doing all sorts of things just to survive.

But last night my friend told me about a movement, a movement my people is having showing that they want to be heard, that they wont go down without a fight, to show we are more then what south African society has made of us that we are all “gatvol”

I have never been so damn proud of my people as i am today so damn proud to be a colourd. Happy womans day to the gatvol movement

Who you are.

Im a rainbow flowing with different colours, colours from different places, different stories from different times in history.

Im black flowing with my ancestors history from a time long ago

Im white flowing with history so unspeakable

Im light brown flowing with religion thats history has been fighting for

I am a rainbow flowing with time and history.

What are you?


So there was a story published in a news paper after few college students did a test on 60 coloured woman and the published this:

South African women have an increased risk of low cognitive function, due to lower education levels and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours.

1st of all im a colourd woman and and i had one of the best educations ever a passed with flying colours, never had a problem understanding any subjects shown to me, and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours? Really? please we believe if you have a roof over your head and a warm meal every night we blessed beyond measures. And i come back again to how HARD IT IS FOR COLOUREDS TO FIND A JOB.


Its not easy being a colourd person in S.A we not black we not white yet we proud of who we are. But being proud wont feed us, finding a job as a colourd person is so damn hard this is basically how it goes – a white boss hires black people so he doesnt look races. A black boss only hires black people to “help his people make it”

So what about us coloured folks dont we need a helping hand, i feel like im in a ping pong match where the ball just bounces from black to white, nothing happens for those thats inbetween at all. When will we “mix race” coloured people in S.A be seen??

Being a colourd girl in S.A

When thinking of Africa or south Africa you think about the animals the safari or all you picture is the time of the apartheid. A time that was hard and unfair to all, i wasnt born at the time nor did i experience it but i do experience the aftermath of it, And this will be my story of it.