How do u feel.

My day was going great as any normal day would go,when my cousin’s wife arrived at my house with her 3 kids. Shanjay who is 8, Alicia who is 3 and amy who is 1 i Iove those kids dearly as the hours passed and the kids was playing with a few toys on the floor and abby thats my cousin’s wifes name was sitting beside me i couldn’t help thinking

That i was runting about my experience as a colourd but didnt ask any of my close family or friends what they felt like being a colourd person in S.A. So i turned to abby and i asked her how she felt being a colourd person in S.A and this is what she had to say

I feel as though im not apart of this country that im a foreigner in a land that im to scared to be apart of. Everything i watch the television is either a black person on or a white person rarely do u see a colourd person on screen, there’s so little opportunities for our kind that i feel as though what is the point of being in this country trying to raise a family when its so hard to get a job to feed them.

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