Not perfect

So i want on about how my people need to stand up, to rise and to be heard. but that doesn’t mean that they are perfect

In a colourd community being with someone that isn’t the same race as you is always questionable you get strange looks, get talked about, hell you are the most talked about person for a while

I know this because im dating someone that’s not the same race as me its difficult on so many levels i get looked at differently and i always get those looks that’s questionable but it doesn’t really bother me because like everything else stories dies down. But to my people im selling out, hell i feel sometimes the same way too, even tho i love my boyfriend.

but times change we cant hold on to what makes us feel comfortable or safe if we do we won’t really live or even be happier.

If we all would have stayed with our own kind,us coloureds wouldn’t have even existed

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