Its not easy being a colourd person in S.A we not black we not white yet we proud of who we are. But being proud wont feed us, finding a job as a colourd person is so damn hard this is basically how it goes – a white boss hires black people so he doesnt look races. A black boss only hires black people to “help his people make it”

So what about us coloured folks dont we need a helping hand, i feel like im in a ping pong match where the ball just bounces from black to white, nothing happens for those thats inbetween at all. When will we “mix race” coloured people in S.A be seen??

Being a colourd girl in S.A

When thinking of Africa or south Africa you think about the animals the safari or all you picture is the time of the apartheid. A time that was hard and unfair to all, i wasnt born at the time nor did i experience it but i do experience the aftermath of it, And this will be my story of it.